Thursday, 1 March 2012

Farewell to Welfare

Good bye Welfare State, you served us well for 60 years but, now in a world that no longer believes in anything but money, you have no place.

Welfare only survives when people have compassion, and individuals feel they have a purpose and opportunities; not in a Country who people have for years been repeatedly told, 'to climb the ladder you have to step on those below you'.

This is the position of people in the UK in 2012, those without wealth are convinced that 'it is not their fault (which it isn't) but, it is the fault of those scroungers, malingerers and downright liars, (which it isn't either). The people are fed this lie daily through the TV, radio, press, and advertising media every time they come into contact with any of this group.

It takes a lot of time and energy to not to become dragged into this web of deceit, to look beyond it and, to look just where it comes from. From Companies and Organisations who are financed by or, financially contribute to; the Government.

This same Government has just executed the Welfare State; my only hope is that when those without real wealth that supported this public annihilation come to need it, and they will if only in older age, remember today. The day the Welfare State died.